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Founded in 2005

Loukas Medical, Incorporated is a design consulting company whose focus is Design for Manufacturing. Click here to discover how the name "Loukas Medical" came into being.

The founder of Loukas Medical is James (Jim) A. Rinner. He was the Operations Manager for Howland Industries, the premier precision tool and fixture company for the Southern California aerospace, automotive, defense, optical and medical industries.

He was the former Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing at Advanced Spine Fixation Systems (ASFS) and joined Beere Precision Medical Instruments (BPMI) in 1996 as the Vice President of Engineering.

BPMI had stellar growth (from $600K in sales in 1993 to over $10M in sales in 2002). BPMI was sold to Pilling Weck, a Teleflex Company (TFX), in September of 2002. He was retained by TFX as the Vice President of Product Development. While there, the company continued to grow astronomically. Most of the instrument and implant designs of these companies are a direct result of his designs and contributions.

Jim is named as an inventor on 60 US Patents and many International Patents, with dozens of patents pending. He is very familiar with ISO quality systems, having brought both ASFS and BPMI to ISO certification.

Jim is also a journeyman toolmaker with experience in the aerospace, automotive, defense, optical and medical fields. He has the history and know-how to help companies in product design and manufacturing. Jim is a certified SolidWorks Professional.

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