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Why the name "Loukas Medical"?

A question that I often receive is, "Why the name Loukas Medical?" The last two medical companies I worked for were named "Advanced Spine Fixation Systems, Incorporated" and "Beere Precision Medical Instruments Incorporated".  Though both were great companies, the names were just too long!

My wife (Kim), my eldest daughter and I were pondering some simpler names, like "Rinner Consulting", but I didn't like my name in it.  Kim said "What about Luke Medical?"  As most know, Luke was the writer of the Gospel of Luke and he was also a doctor.  I said "I like it!"  Well I did some searches on "Luke Medical" and there were quite a few references to that or to St. Luke.  I looked up "Luke" in the dictionary and saw that the Latin for Luke was Loukanus. We all liked the way it sounded "luke-uh-nus", but then my  daughter said "No dad, we can't use the Latin because it looks like 'look anus'. We all started laughing and we even drew some logos featuring some "cheeks" for the Latin name. It was a hilarious time.  I wish I would have saved those sketches!

Since Luke wrote his gospel to reach the Greeks, and the New Testament was written primarily in Greek, we decided to use the Greek version which is Loukas. Luke also wrote the book of Acts.

One last note is the three lower Greek words in the logo "to agapetos iatros" This is from the Colossians 4:14 where the apostle Paul writes "Luke, the beloved physician, greets you". The Greek words "to agapetos iatros" translated into English are "the beloved physician".

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